I’m a niche writer who used to be…


by which of my books soared and which of them flopped.


or a money loser on my hands
when I posted a new release.


about my future as an
indie self-published writer.
Then I discovered the POWER of UNIVERSAL FANTASY!


Universal Fantasy is why my sales tripled when I “accidentally” wrote three books that landed in the Amazon Top 100.

Universal Fantasy is why some authors get gobs of gushing reviews and some authors who write “way better” get crickets.

Universal Fantasy is the answer to many of the questions you might have thought were unanswerable or simply up to luck, like…

  • Will this sell?
  • Why is that selling?
  • Why didn’t this sell?
  • Will readers like what I am writing?
  • Why do I love the TV shows/books/entertainments I do?
  • Why did I buy that thing I bought when I didn’t intend to buy it?

BE WARNED…once known, Universal Fantasy cannot be undiscovered. Leave this book be if you’re truly satisfied with your current writing life.

But if you’re not afraid—if you’re ready to know the secret hidden inside all bestselling stories, open this gift and find out how to use UNIVERSAL FANTASY to write and market books that SELL to ANYONE.

Would you like to learn to write delicious stories that market themselves?

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About the Author

Heyo! My name is Theodora Taylor. I’m a bestselling author, and I’m obsessed with writing stories that enthrall, delight, and entertain readers.

Maybe you’re obsessed with writing and earning well too? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to make your stories delicious and irresistible to readers from all backgrounds and walks of life?

Then Universal Fantasy is the tool for you!

I’ve given my popular presentation on Universal Fantasy to grateful crowds at the NINC (Novelists Inc.) Conference, RAM (Romance Author Mastermind), the Orange County Chapter RWA’s California Dreamin’ conference, and for various online and local groups.

I’m also a popular podcast guest. Six Figure Authors, #AmWriting, Wish I’d Known Then, and SPA Girls are just a few of the popular writing podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of visiting as a guest.

I love talking about Universal Fantasy to groups of all sizes.

Use the POWER of Universal Fantasy to…

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