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Thanks to the UF book, I feel as though I have a much better grasp on how to write a book to my readers’ expectations. It has made it so I earn considerably more money on the books I’ve written after I started writing with the book’s principles in mind. There’s simply no comparison to the money I made with the books I wrote before.



Once I discovered what UF and butter was, WOW it changed everything!! It’s helped me see the butter within books, movies, and everything that I indulge in. Once you know there’s no turning back. It’s helped me identify what makes books bingeworthy and how to incorporate that into my own stories. Theodora has a way of teaching that I so deeply understand and can implement. She doesn’t overcomplicate things, she gets right to the point, and you’ll be taking action within the first chapter. I highly recommend the UF book to every author I speak to.

Jenna Lee


The UF book opened a whole world of possibilities to me. As a newbie writer, I worry that readers won’t find my words engaging enough. I want them to be drawn into my stories. I want my books to be page turners. After reading the UF book I felt so much more confident about the kind of material that would draw readers in. I understood why some books linger after you read them while others fade from your mind the very next day. It’s because of the UF butter!! Now I try to spread that beautiful butter on every page I write. I can’t thank T. Taylor enough for her insight. I highly recommend this book for every writer at every stage in their career.